Saturday, 19 June 2010

my life

hey , you want to tell me that i'm a hipocrite person ? ohh gosshh ! actually you just talk about yourself dear . if you want to tell about myself to others , i don't care because you just make me famous . if you want to talk about others look your face into the mirror first darl . i'm happy with my life now with great family , fabulous friend and superb boyfie . hee ~ teenage life just full of jealousy and others . don't make your life so boring . so , talk n laugh banyak banyak . 

live . love . laugh

p/s ; actually no motif mase buat post ini . hehe . ta tujukan pada sesiapa pon . tapi kepada sesiapa yang terasa harap maaf yaa . 

Thanks For Reading. Awak like, awak comel :)

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